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About Me

Shantia is the Founder and Mental Health Advocate of The Healing Room. Shantia has a natural way of motivating people and bringing out their best qualities. Her mission is to help people of all ages and stages in life reach their full potential through introspection, and realization of their own self-worth and ability. Shantia has been helping people for over 30 years. Before becoming a mental health advocate and getting her degree in professional counseling, she has mentored various age ranges, with the main focus on helping people heal from their past, find their passion, reach their potential and live life on purpose.

Shantia consistently demonstrated the ability to connect with and spark enthusiasm in people of all ages. Her immeasurable talent in transforming lives, and assisting in setting and achieving goals, has helped countless people get to a point of self-reliance and continually striving for a purpose driven life. Inspired by her own personal life and growth; coupled with a desire to mentor others in achieving their dreams, Shantia birthed The Healing Room. It specializes in helping people utilizing a holistic method to hope and healing; dealing with Personal Prosperity, Family Matters, Finances, Health Awareness, Social Skills, Spiritual Awareness, and Growth & Vocational assistance. Shantia also helps you with your past experiences, helping you to process through them. 


Her outgoing personality and use of personal testimonies, help in the equipping and transforming process. Shantia’s ultimate desire is to be impactful in the lives of people, letting them know that there is someone who cares about them, reassuring them that they matter, and present as they face day-to-day challenges; with an end result of self-sufficiency. Shantia is the proud mother of two simply amazing adult children, Aisya and Isaiah as well as many others who consider her to be a second Mom. 

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